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6am – josh man lyrics


[verse 1]
you ain’t got no money, i ain’t got no time
all these faces lookin’ funny when i’m drivin’ by
had to tint my whip, my name is buzzin’
know they plan on k!llin’ mine
aim it at your temple, we were taught to k!ll a stranger mind
genocide buried in the tide, cleanse it in the sand
blood is sittin’ in my hands, i’ll never be the bigger man
i know they’ll never understand, but i don’t give a (what?)
lift your hands up high before i stick you up

[verse 2]
you and me n-body else
if it can’t be that way then i’ll just be all by myself
i love the way you stay away from me, you make me melt
those nights you used to come and stay with me
replaying in my memory, it’s no such thing as meant to be
that’s fine cause you so fine, the way you walk, you talk
the way you leave your mark, just can’t break you from my thoughts
walkin’ through ramona park like they wasn’t tryna shoot me up
doing all we did, we still ain’t do enough

[verse 3]
nah, i ain’t scared of six feet
cause i ain’t scared to be free
all i seen while on this earth
know that he-rs- can’t be too worse
tell the woman that i hurt
that i apologize for all my lies
and tell my mama blame my karma
hate she had to see me die
i just wanna see the sky
shinin’ from the other side
lookin’ down on all my friends
makin’ sure they’re walkin’ right
cause ain’t n-body watch our back
and this life way too hard for that
i made it out with my heart intact
might harm me, still can’t harvest that

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