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699 – goldjet lyrics


callin all units to force 699
i repeat 699 699
wai wah?
ayy ayyy ayyy
verse 1
got 1 hr to live
days p-ss and i give
always at da crib
wippin all dos lips
whered i learn to rap
my rappin is never cr-p
ayy ayy squad sqy=uad
wit dem hopes no trap
only makin millis
never wit dem trippie
man i ain’t no hippie
and i always trippin
699 woo woo
699 woo woo
699 woo woo
red alert
verse 2
everyday im k!llin it
and everyday im wippin it
always wit da sh-t
on da club
wit a hit
shoutout rockstar
whe im livin with a poptart
always wit da club
when dey always
gotta rub

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