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68 bars – g baby cario lyrics


g baby make the city go crazy
and you heard i make the hoes go kuku
lets have a shootout when you see me
yo gun small my sh-t go doo doo
and ballin like i bought a new coupe
a drop top b-tch im ballin out the sunroof
i remember them days sleep in the car
i aint even have my n-gg-s i could run to
now its all opp hoes what i un through
and them b-tches at the u give me some too
talkin all that sh-t
but as soon as i hit
the b-tch momma gon even wanna come too
and they keep on tellin me
they think that im a racist
how they f-ck can i be that
i love green and blue faces
smokin weed like im jamaican
i cant stand for all this fake sh-t
you was wrong for even lackin
thats the end of conversation
my black b-tch hate my white hoes
im finna end the segregation
royal family til i die
we finna take over the nation
city bad but im like drake and future
gotta change locations
i keep domin by my lonely
cus my lil bro on probation
in st pakistan its one code
never trust a soul
these hoes gon always wanna suck and f-ck
get money thats the goal
i was raised under the 6
but love for all my moes
i learned to shoot from playin in the hood
my name should be d rose
with all these straps ill start a booty club
and name that b-tch d’s poles
how you a d boy but a junkie
steady playin wit his nose
and i just f-cked the moa up
spent a check all on some clothes
a hood n-gg- but im workin
so you can book me for a show
hit the stage the crowd go crazy
b-tches throwin panty holes
and i dont want no groupie b-tch
they go straight to all my bros
then im back in the city
trey5 in it with me
and i got it for the low
5 gs for the 50
and im cool with the crips
cus my brother from the 60s
and the feds got him f-cked
so im takin down any

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