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6’5 – young dicko lyrics


it´s your favorite rapper
young d-cko

[verse 1]
yeah i´m sippin molly and i just poured a four
i got model b-tches h-tting up my d-mn phone
i don´t really need designer on my clothes, all i really need is money dope and hoes
smoking gas on the daily b-tches calling me crazy
im’a lace my blunt with xannies baby don’t take it
had the xannies in my pocket, twelve (12) did´t take ’em
i be off the molly and i´m rolling hard, lockjaw

[verse 2]
acting like i´m off the xans i don´t give a f-ck
b-tch please get out of my way you are out of luck
nowadays i don´t need or want no bae i just wanna f-ck
snorting c-ke off the sink, are you gonna link?
i got loads of dope b-tch what you need?
i got c-ke, molly, xans and weed
huge eyes ´cuz i sip the sprite
i don´t wanna fight, if you got beef with me just know my boys got´let them bullets go left and right

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