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6:00am – inimical lyrics


i wake up
go to grab my broken psyche from off the mantle
my shoes laced up
as i carefully adjust the 5 panel
flick ash b-tts
and i’m off to see how much stress i can handle
sure enough
lost in the brush
all my thoughts are scrambled
when i say stuff
it comes off as forced or unsubstantial
find ways to make up
these days
because i only have a handful
and they take up
too much time during a standstill
the lock is spun
locked around your hands
caught in those shackles
chains built tough
freedom seems like
too much of a h-ssle
dreams come from
get crushed
and be straight f-cking canceled
n-body has answers
the cage
closes in these days
you don’t get to decide where you can’t go
where conformity is law and it’s busy buffing the vandals
don’t try to make a stand
unless you wanna be another example
know your role
play pretend
my day ends
at best
a few more ahead
cup half empty
almost out of time to spend
which is a reference to pessimism you probably won’t even get
f-ck it
this is it
and i’ve been stuck
stuck in my bed
out of my head
spent my life kicking over buckets
i’m dead
this meant nothing
f-ck what i’ve said

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