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60 seconds – different lyrics


i ain’t friends with n-body that ain’t got no bodies
pull up and catch some with my family
catch and shoot just like i’m james harden
pull up to the scene with a brand new shotty and a brand new shawty i got from the other party
30 seconds 2 b-tch, who’ll go and stop me
they’ll never get ahead like they tryna top me
i’ll paste a n-gg- up if he try to copy
i’m not playing, he needa pause it
control-alt-delete if a n-gg- type r-t-rded
handle n-gg-s like cards but i discard ‘em
you say you running game but i saw you walking
n-gg- you needa quit the flaunting
don’t get pressed ‘bout the news, we know you was fronting
stop all that crying, you not that important
i’m outta patience, you a disappointment
trigger finger itching, i need some ointment
on my x sh-t, i hurt y’all n-gg-s for enjoyment
i come with the posse and get the scene popping ‘cause n-gg-s is corny thinking they all balling when they really flopping like fish out of water and they really dropping like kids in your daughters and now there’s new fathers all up on the market, ain’t talking bout shopping, yeah
stay in yo’ placement (yeah)
skipped all the places now i’m in first place (skrt)
fast as a racer (vroom)
skeet in yo’ b-tch mouth and she love to taste it (ew)
yo’ b-tch disgraceful (d-mn)
she need to stop it with all of that fake sh-t (woah)
different’s the greatest (yuh)
i never changed i just mastered the basics, b-tch
sh-t getting bl–dy, it’s brazy (aye)
i’m overseas like an airplane
y’all should tighten up and let me get sp-cious
play me like cards and you’ll see all my faces
i’m the king of this sh-t, imma p-wn y’all peasents
me over you, that’s a king upon a peasant
best pray i don’t come across you, that’s a blessing
better start counting them, ‘cause that’s your key to heaven

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