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6 years skit – dom kennedy lyrics


that dom kennedy man that la lakes sh-t
that best after bobby too
yeah you ain’t seen us together like what 6 years man
exactly that’s crazy
well we definitely feeling you
where you been at where you been at in the last 6 year
just do what you been doing
i don’t know man i’m just celebrating right now
exactly man we you know
it’s a lot of growth yea lot of growth
yea yea yea alot 6 years
yea we been making our moves man and uhm
its that time man you just happy to present it for ya’ll
for the fans man la and around the world
most importantly at the time we did the first
one i had never been outside
maybe the reason yea you know or the
state performing honestly did a couple of sneakers pimp shows
so you know at this point going to my last tour
i went to poland you know what i’m saying so
so it’s like we’ve tremendously grown as an
artists and as people more importantly
and it’s like the time is now best out the
let’s do it for the people man la lakers it’s dom kennedy

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