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6 to 9 – arionne lyrics


– humming vocally

yea, yea, yea, yea

six to nine, six to nine, six to nine
baby you keep working
baby you keep working
yeah )


i been on the road too long
i don’t wanna go, i don’t wanna go
i’m doing all these shows too long
you already know though
that’s just how it goes

i know you wanna stay in bed
get you out of bed, get you out of debt
i know you wanna stay in bed
ohhh woo



i know you ain’t that used to love
but lemme show you houston love
honestly whats the use in us
if we ain’t really using trust
late night when you call me
say that p-ssy all me
then come and lay that p-ssy on me
cause i ain’t gonna see that -ss all spring
and i ain’t been seen that -ss all spring
what happened to the girl that’s independent
send a message when she wants to
and comes through cause she wants to
and comes thru because she wants you
come thru like 1,2…




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