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6 peat saudi – asaad (saudi money) lyrics


[verse 1: asaad]
grinding with my mind on next time, next year
won’t be no next time, just this here
fy, i’m flyer than all of these n-gg-s
if n-gg-s paid homage, we all would be richer
i rock og’s, they bout to fall apart
me and my old life had a falling out
like the slightest thing can knock a n-gg- out his zone
i’m on to bigger things to drop a ton of songs
6 peat saudi out for ‘f-ck you” money
wed her to my very soul, i love you honey
laurel wreathes, my name big in the streets
i’m the next six summers, you the next two weeks
and everything i’ve done has been duplicated
i got the hit, i feel rejuvenated
shrouded in the swag, i’m illuminated
strong-arm the game, they tried to mutilate it
clip a n-gg- wings, no harp-strings
and everyone that got on were offsprings
cause no one stronger than me, at least to you
can’t afford this feeling, it’s too much for you
and when i dream, i know it all works
i seen it happen last night, it came from hard work
ain’t n-body by your side, they gon’ turn on ya
and if they get a turn, they gon’ burn on ya
misunderstood, you gon’ have to dig deep
buried in the hand with a big beat
rip to the beat though
6 peat flow – yeah

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