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6 o’clock in jc – headliner lyrics


verse 1:

i feel like i’m doing

this for no reason

that i’m writing lyrics

down but no one will

see them

“your songs are great”

i don’t believe em’

saying my songs are

a gem

i do not conceive them

not the right word?

i don’t care…

i just do my job

but my future bright

just like a glare

but all they can do

is stare, you need something?

catch me in the lab b-mping

that that bish is jumping

but i just chill in the back

thinking “my bars are wack”

ain’t that somethin?

but yet i’m still on the track

cause i don’t think i’ll make

it but i gotta try

gotta say goodbye

to my childhood

gotta make sure my

mind is good

your bars are weaker

than balsa wood

that’s not my fault

that no one understood

a word you say, it’s not that

you could make better lyrics

it’s that you need to take career

risks to get anywhere in life

no need for the hysteric

it’s like listening but you can’t hear

it, i have the same lyricism as shakespeare and this year i’m in here, and i’m making

things this clear for people like you

who’s end is near, yeah i’m saying g

but that’s a new degree of quotin

i’m in this game and i’m floatin

while other guys just approachin

i’m up here and i’m boastin

i’m out here just rollin

yeah i’m just coastin

i be living that dream

yeah life ain’t what it seem

i’m just chillin with my team

and we boutta scheme

yeah wing he the realist

and ryd he the trillest

my lyricism the illest

but that’s it

it’s been real

but now how

do you feel

- all song lyrics by headliner