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6 feet under – jonathan thulin lyrics


(verse 1)
yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
i, don’t even know where to begin
these wall, that i built are wearing thin
i’m lost now more than ever
tryina keep it all together
wonderin if you see my heart breakin
this was never what i wanted
tryna finish what i started
but my purpose feels like it’s fading
i’m hangin by a thread, yeah i’m 6 feet under
tryna be bright but my light is covered
only you can turn my ember to a flame
i’m stuck in the dark, cause i’m 6 feet under
tryna see the sun, but my eyes are covered
only you can make the darkness go away
i’m 6 feet under (2 times)
(verse 2)
as far as my eyes can see
i’m alive
but not really living
i know with you i’m alive (9 times)
i know with you i’m alive (3 times)

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