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2pac – the return (intro) – dj chop up lyrics


[intro: dj chop up as 2pac]
they said ppac is dead, but this year, in twenty sixteen, i’m back
i got a new alb-m
that all eyez on me movie? pffft
that ain’t never been me
thug life
ready to hop out!

[verse: dj chop up as 2pac]
the motherf-cking return, the wait’s over
it’s time i take over, straight soldier, blaze dosia, i told ya
2pac strikes like the motherf-cking cobra
n-body else’ll rap like me
maybe someday but it’s f-ckin not likely
still livin, still give a f-ck
rral n-gg-, hit em up
and now i’m like a motherf-ckin ghost
back from the grave to the f-ckin westcoast
never give up, can’t stop, won’t stop, don’t stop
f-ck around, n-gg-, and my glock goes pop!
this year be 20 f-cking years n-gg-
now i’m back throw ya 2’s up, yeah n-gg-
much love to my motherf-ckin fans
stand up i got a motherf-ckin plan!

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