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2pac, dmx – whatchu gonna do – dj chop up lyrics


[intro: dj chop up as 2pac, dmx]
(wheen they come for you, haha)
d to the m to the x
guess who’s back?
east to the west coast!
2pac’s back n-gg- (haha)
thug life, baby!

[verse 1: dmx]
once again it’s the darker n-gg-
here to spark a n-gg-, break apart a n-gg-
but the dog is bigger, under stress
so unless you’re wanting to bless to the chest
the slugs from the smith & wess, rest!
or the pump’ll put a hurt on a n-gg-
dump six, motherf-cker feeding dirt on a n-gg-
my hands stay dirty, ’cause i play dirty, the mob way
you don’t know? f-ck it, find out the hard way!
but as long as i got my gun, i’m a’ight
stay outta sight while it’s light, and then come out at night
to make moves again, stomp and bruise again
i know i’m going to h-ll, ’cause i choose to sin
all my motherf-cking life i been the devil’s advocate
mad n-gg-s never even knew the devil had a kid
but he does, and when you hear the buzz of the chainsaw
you’ll know what i’ll split your motherf-cking brains for

[hook x4: 2pac, dmx]
whaatcha gonnnaa dooo
when my n-gg-s come for you?
(n-gg- f-ck you gon’ do?!)

[verse 2: 2pac]
haha, watch me clown, give me lovin’ when i’m high
i’m a outlaw baby, i’ll be thuggin’ ’til i die
in my drop-top, double-r, life as a rap star
hustle like a crack fiend ’til they catch me
go ask somebody to your show
watchin n-gg-s out of sight, in my night scope
cooking white dope, got my n-gg- 25-to-life, stretched out
trying to have all the better things in life
while makaveli — a born leader, 10 millimeter
change a n-gg-‘s future like a schizophrenic palm reader
heed, from out the bible i read
see the meek shall inherit the earth and the strong will lead
hittin’ weed like it’s alright
i’m in the studio makin’ music all night
my enemies cry whenever i rise, they hated ’til the death
tryin’ to beat me out my last breath
whatcha gonna do?

[hook x8: 2pac, dmx]
whaatcha gonnnaa dooo
when my n-gg-s come for you?
(n-gg- f-ck you gon’ do?!)

[outro: dmx]
n-gg- f-ck you gon’ do?! (x4)

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