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2much – robb bank$ lyrics


[hook: robb bank$]
n-gg-, n-gg-
run up, bet i keep my sh-t tucked
i’m too much, i’m too much
keep playin’, get yo main b-tch f-cked
too much, i’m too much, i’m–
please don’t try me, p-ssy n-gg-
don’t press your luck
no i’m too much, i’m too much, i’m–
i f-cked yo b-tch on the xan, now she slumpt
boy you too much, i’m too much, i’m too–
b-tch do i got your attention
let me explain, you don’t get it
you see my neck? that’s your penchant
my savages stand at attention
please get your ho out my mentions
bench pressin’, no, i’m never flexin’
know it’s me and ricky, see the set list
no we too much, too much on these b-tches

[verse 1: robb bank$]
what a time (what a time)
to f-cking die (f-cking die)
look at me (you see me)
eye for an eye (yeah that’s me)
n-gg- lost yo shine (yeah it’s gone)
boy, look at mine (yeah it’s on)
yeah, solar flare (oh my god)
yeah, you might go blind
if you look at my chain–
n-gg- i want yo main to come make it yeah
crackers gon’ drop the case when i spray at you
b-tch i ball like i’m kobe, i’m laker’d up
that mean 24/8, your b-tch laying up
i might fly gunner out just to flick me up
neji hyuga the way that i stick em’ up
p-ssy all on my plate and i lick it up
seen her best friend and i blew a kiss at her
might fuse your [?]
boy i’ma kill you, play round in your blunt
say that’s your b-tch but i don’t give a f-ck
i bend that ho over, blow all in her b-tt
who taught these boys how to stunt? (who?)
it’s maison martin or lawrence (who?)
phone a machine ain’t no florence
double s, red ribbon army

[hook: robb bank$]

[verse 2: robb bank$]
let me take you there
let me get you off
say she want a pic (bet)
came through with my dog
i ain’t get ya text
i ain’t get ya call
star 69, who the f-ck gon’ check the phone? (b-tch!)
guess who back in this b-tch and he on his sh-t
got yo ho playin’ ball, i head crack the b-tch
no her margiela shirt on, boy she just skinny
money 6’1′, should of got a scholarship
you might pick up some game if you follow me
in 9th grade i hit licks in the dollar tree
we had beef, yo ho probably would side with me
i’ma scream cj name til that n-gg- free
parade in this b-tch, i need a float
these boys tryna lynch me, i went and bought a rope
these boys tryna cell me cause my last name goku
dirt on my name, i came back with a sword
ain’t learn how to swim cause you know i’m the boat
ain’t a samsung, i don’t go underwater
but that p-ssy wet so i might dip my toe
if i ain’t respond back then your p-ssy is broke

[hook: robb bank$]

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