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2much – curren$y lyrics


b-tch cold, i sweat derreck clean rode up
b-tch cold, i sweat derreck clean rode up
very clean, spur flew over, she got caught up in them waynes
we gonn turn a couple corner
talk about of couple things, preliminary wing great
i’ma let you hit the weed, once i’m on that interstate
i don’t be smoking on them streets
the traffic lights will have you in the jam with the man
i ain’t spending that minute, in the can of sky more
tryina spend a hunned grand
i know how to show you how we can get it spending again
gone in the wind, gone with the ones who win
them boys is grown men, bullsh-t is what i’m spitting
so bullsh-t is what you getting when you make a decision, now listen
i see them n-gg-s faking, cause i’m high i’m slipping
they gonn knock me off position, but why
cause a n-gg- be riding nice cars fancy clothes
naked hoes and mansion homes
got a lot but still we want more
there’s one thing you can never have it
too much money, too much money
you can never have too much money, too much money, too much.

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