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2f | 1v: the edgar rubin principle – yung teez-r lyrics


[part i: 2faces]
allow me to just enter into your mind!
allow me to take a morsel of your time!
allow me to show my vision to the blind…
hold up…

almost everywhere i look i see two faces
they had me tripping ’til i tucked in my shoelaces
now let me take you on this journey, no suitcases are needed
i’ll take you step by step, just make sure that my every word you heed it
now peep this, i wrote this section while eating chicken tenders, sipping cherry soda
that was random i know but let me ease into this moment
for rappers thinking that their mentality is the coldest
you skating on thin ice, yung t–z-r’s here to expose it
take your pick all you posers, could either lends you my focus
or consider you my foe cause in this life of uncertainty
keep an eye out for enemies, sometimes they are the closest
they don’t think that i notice the contempt in which they hold me
but i said all this in self-destruct, so let me just move forward
been perfecting my art, the flows is top drawer
my frame of mind is vital, once i was unsure
but when you hear this i’ll be twenty, i’mma tell you how i scored
used to say the most about fakes, self-reflection made it clearer
i’d ignored the biggest fake i knew and he lived in the mirror
feel like, i spent the longest time living life as a hypocrite
but ac-cepting my flaws helped me to start fixing them
did the math and got over myself, could that make me the one?
having watched the world around me i feel like the time has come
for me to show everyone i’m a force to be reckoned with
was warming up on the beat, i’m ready to start wrecking it
no doubt that it’s go time, ‘bout to blow minds, compet-tion doesn’t even wanna hold mics
i don’t even think i’ve hit my own prime, no lie, i feel i ain’t got my gold mine
yet, still i’m four-five seconds from wilding, putting my own mindset to this rhyming
i am from a city with not much pity, so believe i know how to make moves in silence
hear that? put marimba on the track, can’t forget where i’m from, don’t matter where i’m at
matter fact, i do it for the love, i ain’t checking for the stacks stacks
i got ahead so i guess i had to snap back, all these rappers turning ghost – no snapchat
lemme back track, look at my track list – name a bad track i’ll wait…
you can’t derail my train of thought though. dedication? i have a lot so
i took time to make sure my formula won like alonso
drop similes so simply, normally don’t have a lot of those
but for you to see, my versatility i’m finessing when i drop flows
and bars – you know i got those – mixed with a little bit of substance
ironic i’m wrote this sober, tell everyone it’s over
i’m sure you see by now that my mentality is colder
if this is your career you better look over your shoulder
because to me this just a serious hobby
yet i’m rapping like i’m hungry for a deal most probably
like i’m kicking it with legends in a hotel lobby
you need to get your act together, y’all been getting too sloppy

so, allow me to just enter into your mind!
allow me to take a morsel of your time!
allow me to show my vision to the blind
open up the blinds you’ll see i’ve been steady on my grind

let it breathe…
then we step back in…
almost everywhere i look i see two faces (x6)

[part ii: 1vase]
now, i know things got a little bit, crazy just a moment ago
but, right now i just want us to sit back, relax
and enjoy the vibes. :
i just have one last thing to say to you
so pay attention please

wake up and smell the flowers
i can see it on your face – you’ve been stressing for hours
i would like to tell you that the world is gon’ be ours
so just take the time to listen, reinvigorate your power
don’t let the powers that be bring you down, no –
regain charge of your life, believe me you need it
failing that this world will have you drown slow
don’t let the people around you bring you down neither
or you gon’ lose the plot
and you gonna be convinced that you are everything you’re not
and that only deters you in your journey to the top
nowhere else you could be headed – all that potential you got –
all that potential you got? and that goes for all of you
see you may it call it optimism – i just call it true
and for that reason i gotta tell you any time could be your season
therefore doubting your royalty is just self-directed treason
only you define when you have your crowning moment
as rulers of ourselves we are the ones who control it
with that said however going it alone is never clever
and the more support you can find for yourself the better
so as i’m putting together all of these letters i still remember
as fresh in my mind all the times i’ve made strides
and i remind myself…
i just remind myself…
i remind myself, that first of all i had no self-pity
secondly i knew the support i had with me
and i can’t think of a time that that wasn’t enough
even in times of uncertainty i called life’s bluff
and somehow every single time, it all fell into place
i’mma pause to let you know i’m tempo-rarily switching the pace
just to match up with how i’ve been running the race, but lemme get back on track
you see sometimes in life with some of the things we face:
zvimwe zvacho hazvina kana basa ukazvifunga
saka ndiudzei kuti sei uchinetseka nazvo?
you will see at the end, all that matters is perception
do you see 2faces, or 1vase?
see both…

- all song lyrics by yung teez r