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29 #strafford apts – bon iver lyrics


[transcribed from eaux claires performance]

sharing smoke
in the stair above the hot car lot
the sun shined hard on the video spot
sure as any living dream
it’s not all what it seems
then the whole things walk away
you’re holding arms
you’re old enough
you’re holding up
you’re holding out your fabric now

come behind
come behind me

hallucinating claire
know the snow, sheen light of the autumns
i through the meaning out the door
there ain’t no meaning anymore

you’re old enough, you’re old enough
you’re holding out your [?]

canonize me
and yeah, you’re own your own

fold the map
mend the gap
then i told the word companion
and i make myself escape all the mult-tude of [?]
it comes always off the page

i hold the note, you’re old you know
you’ve buried all your alimony ‘fore the floods

so fine
some night

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