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27 days of darkness – phobocosm lyrics


colonial state
defiant slave
sentenced to

new master
of the old world
does not stand

imperial act
the rebel slave
now condemned to

200 years
of sufferance
and deprivation

there is no escape
from this rotten state
and its puppet leaders

turning yourself to god
has led you nowhere
futile magic spells
is no escape from h-ll

turning yourself to god
deadens your despair
futile magic spells
hang on for dear life

keep your faith
live in dignity
as things are getting better

suddenly the ground is collapsing
instantly you are buried alive
paralysed, you are broken in pieces
what was your shelter is now your tomb


buried alive for 27 days
ordeal to the body and the soul
woken up to the h-ll where he belongs
a lesson in respect of misery

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