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27 – allan rayman lyrics


throw some sh-t, whether me as a man
couple nights, by the way, got some pills in my hand
when i’m gone, leave me be, let me lean, godd-mn
i’m not chunk, i’m just drunk, this my scene godd-mn
imma young -ss chump in a cruel old world
i got fresh cut toast all white like pearls
need a selfish kinda girl, godd-mn
need a selfish kinda girl
there’s somethin’ wrong
a fear this fame is pendin’ oh no
before my eye dose off
i’m afraid of 27
this ain’t that sh-t that i lay for quick can we get official please
i ain’t that d-ck with the cork and a bottle blowin’ up on this fiend ah man
hold up, slow it down, bring it back
i make up, but i can’t look back
i make up, but i can’t look back

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