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2600 refugee – super 8 bit brothers lyrics


i don’t like your games
i’m not part of your new school
they’re all the same
i’m keeping it real
i’ll make all my own rules
here’s what i’m on
come play along

i’m a sp-ce invader, a flight simulator
lost arc raider, action in the elevator
outer sp-ce, omega race
a 2600 refugee
while i’m enjoying the pit falls
you’re waiting while your buffer stalls
combat and disks so deadly
tac scan, missile command
a 2600 refugee

so here’s a blast from the past
i done set the cast
i ain’t no retro soldier momma
i was just built to last
and like and instant cl-ssic
it’s something so fantastic

you’ve got to try it, a teenage riot
what once had erupted cannot be made quiet
final stage, golden age
high score winner keep my name on the page
r.o.b yeah that’s me
come on everybody won’t you play and see now

i had a dream in black and red and the world was such a beautiful place
and when i’m feeling like a half empty cup
you come along to pick me right up
no sunshine ever broke me away
when you’re on i’m always happy to play
if you compare the way they were, all my life, so wonderful
i am what they made me

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