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252 – rozz dyliams lyrics


it’s time to get up
it’s time to tell a story dylan
it’s time to get up
tell us an autobiography
hey it’s time to get up dylan
it’s time to get up
it’s time to get up
it’s time to get up dylan

my younger cousin shot himself inside his bedroom
my older cousin hung himself in a motel room
my younger cousin used to break my toys and be mean to me
my older cousin used to show me cool sh-t and teach me things
taught me to stay away from the hard sh-t and how to swing these things
my little cousin didn’t do sh-t except blow out his brains
he had every material possession you could ever want
his parents tried to buy his love but never even let him have his own f-ckin’ thoughts
growin’ up my family
would joke about the day that one of my aunts kids would snap and follow my mothers uncles way
f-ck my stupid mama, she’s on hospice, i don’t give a f-ck cause i don’t love her anyway
she got tumors in her eye from having cancer three times and smoking a f-ckin’ pack a day
my mama was an idiot for having me because her life didn’t have direction
skinny little crank wh-r- gettin’ railed out by a strange old junkie with no protection
then the second week of january 1991 came around
she was walking around midway mall with my grandma or some sh-t trying to get me out
i was late
what the f-ck is my fate
how the f-ck is my brain supposed to grow with all this starchy poor person food on my plate
given the circ-mstances life is great even when it’s abysmal
mmr vaccinizzile, high functionizzle, autizzle, juggalizle
come follow me down to the trails of the afterbirth of the young jake jeckel
my mom married the man who raised me and i saw her turn a rock into a piece of gravel
i don’t have any allegiance to my family but my dad and my brother and joan marie, the most beautiful lady
my agoraphobic dead grandmother
maybe i just have different values and i’ll never f-ckin’ get it
maybe i just missed it and i never got the stupid potato people catholic guilt genetics
just a bunch of f-cking fools
the only thing i ever killed was a frog when i was six, cause i wanted to be like the other kids that went to public school
i got addicted to masturbating when i was five and they must have known but understood it as much as i did at that time in my life
i remember when i was little a badman took me to get my blood taken
its a blur what happened after but i got taken to strange place and i got desecrated
was it a dream, would someone do that to an innocent child out of spite
if it was a dream how come for my whole life i still think about the sh-t every night
sometimes i think about my great grandmother on my grandpas side
sometime in the forties, right after she had electroshock therapy her hair turned white
one time in new philadelphia, one of my cousins was on the salt started hearin’ voices in his head, so he took an axe and chopped a hole in his apartment wall
when he broke it down and finally got to the other side, it was the family that lived next door that were some of the voices in his head that night
he and his brother were the first kids that broke me and my brothers toys n sh-t and when they were toddlers they sat in the back and watched their crackhead mom in the front suck d-ck
i remember the creepy christian lady that took care of the kids when they got taken away
hated my mom called my family pagan then forced me to pray
when i was eight, one morning, going to the library to get a stack
in the industrial park in strongsville, i saw dead people cause they flipped on the tracks
it was four sets of feet all lined up underneath a big white sheet
that’s what you f-cking get, you get killed in your stupid little crushed up jeep
my mom got mad cause it made me happy, but i needed it more cause i wanted it and it made me feel better about everything that happened to me before
having had many different conversations in my head with many different dylans
having visions of plague, whipping down sprague, whenever i start reminiscing
252 (x16)

- all song lyrics by rozz dyliams