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25 lighters (live at club conxion) – dj dmd lyrics


i got 25 lighter for my 25 foes bout to break the mic then break 25 hoes bout
to rip the track with bout 25 floss then i’m dippin like the mac with bout 25
hoes 25 5 karats diamonds in my ring 25 12’s in the trunk with the bang
make moves to make a quick mil so i come up and knock big nanas for real got
to take bout 25 yellow bones home do em bad then make them 25 phone home call
daddy tell him 25 gotta go, dmd done put it down 25 out the door, htting the
highway doing 25 shows, 25 the most, slammin 25 doors, representing for those
holding 25 screws, in the sh-t i’m wreck and rip 25 screws
(chorus) 25 lighters on my dresser, yes sir, i gots to get paid, i got 25
lighters on my dresser, yes sir i gots to get paid (repeat 2x’s)
i jumps early, and i yawn and stretch another day, another dollar, another case
to catch, i takes my time and re!
alize that the game is for real, i gots my mind on bar, but i’m sw-ngin
barbagrill, gots to act real bad when i close red doors, i’m shoting spiders out
my rims, cause i’m riding on fours and n-gg-s don’t understand we be sipping
denard, never trust broads lil frauds,on the broad is where i’m from where i’m
claimming my name, back in the game, hershey wood takes regain, it’s the ’98 and
i’m jumping in the mix, rocks on my wrist and got hatas on my list, how you
like me know, cause im real, comin down piece of chain four shiny grills, got to
bring het, wet them boys a$$ first, to break the mic it’s that boy fat pat
(chorus) repeat 2x’s
i’m so throwed in the game, south side players screwed up click man, with the
bonus h-t, we conveyed thesmooth as of yet, comin through this sh-t man, hold
up, it’s lit some n-gg- act like they gonna pull the gat, but they betta
watch out for that boy pat, ask teh m-th-r f-ckin hatas can
they see me, cause i be so throwed in the game, comin down we gonna sw-ng, rip
wood grain, on the shirt i leave a stain, cause you tried to jack a real true
gee, comin down te boulvard can you see me, swing and i swing, and i swing to
the left, pop my trunk then say yep, yep, yep, n-gg- betta see a n-gg- star
stylin, i’m rollin on eighty fours, it’s that n-gg- pat representing the click,
right up in the fold, in a whole lot of sh-t, you better watch out cause you
might be standing, i’m say hold up and scream got darnmit, cause i’m let the gat
on grip, and go take a trip, and if she empties the clip then throw it off the
ship, cause that’s that pat where them hatas at, where them hatas at man
(chorus) repeat 2x’s

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