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24k of gold (updated version) – big sean lyrics


[hook: big sean]
wishing i could wrap my whole life up in 24 karats of gold
lately i’ve been dreaming ’bout diamonds and pearls
yup, diamonds and pearls, and enough money i could rule the world
if i ruled the world (x7)

[verse 1: big sean]
if i ruled the world, i would buy it all
i’m addicted to champagne and buying the mall
i’m addicted to living life above the law
how much do it take to live above the law?
i call my homie ralph up, cause his car stop
told him b-mp a new car, come grab the car lot
that way you can have convertibles, and a hard top
open up a few doors, since we had a hard knock, life
like, open up, where restaurants and legs stay opened up
start a franchise
so my dog can quit wearing a 44 up on his waist like it’s his pants size
and to my og locked up b-mping ready or not
who was just trying to do it big, but wasn’t ready to die
cop a first cl-ss whatever he like, with hoes already inside
now he can rest in peace while he alive


[verse 2: j. cole]
is this a dream, well that’s how it feels
sometimes i got to pinch a fat -ss to see if it’s real
i specifically remember, no heat in the winter
now i supply heat for the winter
then i skate to the beach for the winter
when it comes to chips boy, n-gg- get a grip
no cleats i’m a winner
show love to the hoes and the freaks i remember
hit the club and raise h-ll all week for the sinners
meet a young dennis, the menace of society
check my sobriety, f-ck hoes in varities
shame that these things is the reasons you admire me
but, i’m getting dough, man, these flows gon’ retire me
splurging all crazy, switching lanes in the range swerving all crazy
style on the dial, i’ve been serving ya’ll lately
cheddar on federer
ball ’till i fall, et cetera, et cetera


[verse 3: raekwon]
grey walley black st-tchin on a train same slang plain jane
the strial is crispy
24 karats gazelles clear..
im so fly real year
price so la fill weary
besides killin gear
its sniffin plain white lines
but jumpin off phenomenal missions
yep drugs sellers that was in ’88
learnt how to true
shoot through my coolers
escape my uncle huskie karate n-gg-
die who stayed in jail
he did a twenty piece
he came home block movers still who he is
to us we was kids he said get rich and love life
dont f-ck with no pigs yo
those days are hazed
now we in chronic mode
no more plays
runnin up a rob a clothes home or what
all we had was us and its sucks
fly n-gg-s is broke
smoke c-ke, weed, and dust
i changed for the better
brand new beretta
slappin a n-gg- face at the steal give me your leather
through it all i learnt a lot
plus i burnt a lot
the chronic now returned the clock


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