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24k – mikeflo lyrics


feat. sa-roc

shot city
tony baines
but now we gotta guess in the chocolate city
from the bodies in mali to the sands of nubias
24k sh-t

look in the eyes of the renegade rebellious rambo
first blood, slice the artery, bleed out, cusher
bomb first, like machiavelli the seventh day
fury, no blind, fearing not what my enemies say
they say look at this shang go, we can’t break ‘im
them poisonous mind, we can’t shake ‘im
he f-ck around, got fans, no mistakin’
this scene is reminiscing maroon, maybe mau-mau
closer, now-now, calm down, we can’t have you
countering co-intel, developing freedom cells
but don’t get an asthma unless you’re military mind frame
strapped with ai’s, m1’s and stick mains
i told sam, look, b-tch, you ain’t my uncle
the big broda motherf-cker fall back, hold that
we got a plan and mission, bring it, full issue
we realize, self conceptualize indecisions
the pin scripture, testifying a revelation
then real rappers is back in rotation
quality, quant-ty jempacked a lot of dew

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