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24k gold – kirsses lyrics


and we’re speeding down the 91 at 12:02
your hand moves up my thigh to trace my new tattoo
ry’s in the back screaming “get a f-cking room”
and you’ve spilled bong water all over your chelsea boots

we already broke up twice in the last six miles
and we’ll do it a few more times before we get to my house
cause you’re mean when you’re high
and you lose your temper
“you got a kanye west complex”
“but your ego’s bigger”
you step on the gas like you’ve pulled a trigger

baby boy, i wanna take away the noises in your head
so i breathe through my nose until your brain goes dead

the record skips to “heart out”
my cheek on your beating chest
and i don’t think we’re in love
no, i don’t think we’re in love
but please don’t leave me yet

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