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24/7 treestyle – yared lyrics


yo, yared enuh
jus a gi unnuh likkle sum fi hol unnuh off til lata yuh zimmie
work pon a couple projects, pon couple mixtape suh hol da freestyle ya

back on my s.s.o.b
spitting of the top, but the verse ain’t free
flow dope, like i bought it from pusha t
he’s the plug, but i spell with o.g., bobby johnson
boy you ricky-bobby, whole squad in tokyo
f-ing up some commas, call that kamakaze
we dragon-balling, you fake af, call you g.t
say you a savage but go straight to voicemail when it comes to call of duty
no sleeping in the streets cause even vegans have to make ends meet
you better be armed or you’ll end up 6ft
cause dem heart stone cold and dem bring the heat
like me who spit fire; say i’m great, you’re preaching to the choir
team got it in the backpack, wait till the cypher
where you get those bars from, little homie?
makaveli, the ghost writer

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