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247 – king cizzy lyrics


[intro : king cizzy]
dream yeah 2x

24/7 we gon’ blow up 9/11
and my brain is like a mac eleven
cause i’m shooting just to get to heaven
24/7 out here grinding for the paper
i could give a f about these haters
but i’m busy so i’ll see them later
do you want to go to heaven ?
cause i’m strapped with a mac eleven
just in case you want to go to heaven

[verse 1]
reminiscing about my past
d-mn it i grew up so fast
daddy left i’m kinda glad
cause now i’m strong and i’m the man
and i realized i know the game
its really to stay the same
while you get high i’m going to maintain
trying to stay fly so you cop a chain
drugs on your mind covering the pain
when it’s all gone you gon’ feel ashamed
it’s all about you the rest is kinda lame
believe me homie it’s all lame
working just to get the racks
then u paying for the s-x
the homies and the new rolex
you bet you’re better in the trap
but homie you’re stuck in a trap now


[verse 2 : justkey]
don’t let a n-gg- f-cking try me
i put my mind to this sh-t dawg
don’t you dare to leave me p-ssed off
if you touch me i swear the clique pop
call my n-ggas from around the block
and they in the block
cause they need that guap
and they selling rocks
the struggle is real
in the hard times i pop me a pill
you know we ain’t playing man
24/7 grinding all day man
im going to keep it real i don’t f-ck with the fake man
i’m living my life you’re living in fakeland
who the little n-gga who be making little n-ggas
say who that little n-gga with that killer flows
minds to this sh-t i don’t lie for a b-tch
man i lie for my family and my dogs

this sh-t here got us all baking
on my team now we going to make it
f-ck these n-ggas man they all basic
thank god for the motivation
my direction going h-lla straight
i said 24/7
changed directions now it’s all straight
i said 24/7
grind for the life
my n-ggas grind for their life

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