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24 lighters – michael rafael lyrics


verse 1:

now gon’ & roll up
what you matching with?
scoop a lighter off the dresser
now there’s 24 left, yessir
hope you got a joint too…
couple blunts, 7 bowls
1 full of cereal
put some smoke in the air
yeah, freedom isn’t fair or free
they got the potnas on probation
laws on land never work
let my people go, fo’ this sht pop off
its all not lost
gotta listen to the stories
make changes accordingly


i stay far far away (x4)

24 lighters for the smokers
gotta toke up, gotta live up in the moment
lil bit of top before, already know
you ain’t gotta tell me, i got you
roll up
24 lighters for the 24 blunts
that i want in a ziplock waiting on us
gotta bring together my people…
this smoke from far far
this smoke from far away

24 lighters on my dressir, yessir
i gotsa get paid (x2)

verse 2:

smoked out inside of her
snow bunny gotta say no
probation requires it
ol’ thelma n louise lookin’ -ss
used to run the block like kids on some wire sht
get the fire lit / told her i wasn’t lying about it
stopped coppin’ the product / i wasn’t rockin’ wit it
sht was straight killin my wallet
i had a feeling i was dealing with a sin & i stopped it
in a minute i was living / the soul in me
never dies, yeah i live in the soul of
you & you, n her & her
gotta learn from the old me
so im witnessing the bliss in this og
& im good as long as mary involved
yeah there’s something bout her, i just gotta share it with yall
twist up a swisher
cigarillo lift us
gotta get paid
dmd in the system
love it maan

bridge & outro

- all song lyrics by michael rafael