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24 hours – single – llegos lyrics


verse 1
been smoking membranes
elevate through sweat stains
tell em off from my chest pains
young god blessed with the best brains

rappers be far fetched if they think they got next game
i could really give a f-ck about their status or what they exclaim

first out the p-ssy was my head then the neck came

been acting like a rookie to this girls cookie
i could not get it up, could not get a rush
she said i’d set her up, so i said i’d said i’d said enough, so i better f-ck
so i layed her down, neck craned
i ate her out, was talking like a wookie
she hadn’t shaved, that cat was bushy

i swear i copped, the best dame
she was sloppy wet, now she’s not instead, my tongue’s the best drain

d-mn, why i just get so personal? y’all don’t wanna know about my s-x play
it’s cause i’m still a threat that’s versatile and the next one y’all still press play

(better pay attention, who knows where i’ll next aim. said you better watch out, who knows where i’ll next aim)

verse 2
i’m like, what the, f-ck is a, rest day?
i wouldn’t, give this, up for ya, best day
i been work-ing, hard what’s a steady pace?
i’m a sure man, could intercept a play

i can -ssure you that i’m insured and i’m surely dope
if y’all wondering if i’m worth the while, why y’all try an cop my style, when the curtains close?
i been chasing ms. shirley temple and her purse and her big burly coat
i been at work for a while, it gets all defiled, when drink to my worst of lows

been wiping clean slates, like a squeegee
i been working each day, just to please me
regurgitate on re-play, just to feed me
and i just made a g straight, so this a freebie

i do this sh-t solo, all me
i made it here dolo, no army
f-ck is a low blow? i got tall reach
my music bogo, yours is all cheap

now i’m like woah woah, i got all these
dope songs, dope flows, to showboat i’ll let y’all be
i don’t like social, media
just focused, on me-not-ya
this is my season and i’m dropping sh-t like fall leaves
dropping sh-t like fall leaves

i’m just f-cking around
i’m upward and bound
24 hours
…for the record
for the, for the …for the record
i’m just f-cking around
f-ck with me, f-ck with me, f-ck with me now
i’m upward and bound
24 hours
24 hours

verse 3
how the f-ck the ground gonna tell me what a height is?
build an empire, up from the ground, a god is priceless
all this music sounds, black and white like a light switch
create living color pound, my latino d-ck in a white chick

right now, i’m off, a double cup of the brown
lights off, i got, a doobie blunt for the town
i might, drop in a movie, puff and lounge
eyesight, shot and moving up and down

nah screw dat, i’ll put in work to carry the team
boom clap, get rich marry cara delavigne
soon that, could be real cause i rarely dream
life’s not as fair as it seems

my pops made sure i knew that
i’m a super nice guy, super dapper but when you give me the mic, it’s like, who let you rap?
sorry i had to stoop down to y’alls level
my new sound is all-treble
mixed in with boom bap
y’all focused on accomplishments, i make two tracks
don’t say i didn’t warn you

verse 4
(got a thought? good go on and jot)
yea yea go on and try an cop you some
understand tho it might be that you are not one
a flame doesn’t last long unless you tend it of-ten
my cave turns the found to lost ones, i’m goblin
never off my mark more so i’m always on one

caution, the whole nine yards, with the yellow tape
i’m a beast i bite hard, on every beat, till they meet, old yeller’s fate
every time in the booth i try hard, why? to accelerate
if you’re looking to buy smart, invest in me equals you h-lla cake

my work ethic pace, does not allow time to celebrate
time is money so i’ll borrow yours
i’m sick of sleeping on hardwood floors
buy three whips, all are foreign
“hey nick, play me your favorite sh-t”
hard to choose cause i think they’re all important
i hardly snooze, and still missed a call this morning

it appears, this one girl wanted my attention
i was in gear, engineering a session
conversation ends here, voice mail no question
it’s been a year, since i’ve felt depression

you say life’s the same sh-t, never gets better
well welcome to my matrix, the nebuchadnezzar

hype’s the same kid, clever with letters
sell some to make rich, my effort’s forever
got dreams so i chase em, and i’m so close to taking off i just need to shed another feather

i’ve already, watched rappers come and p-ss
i oddly, find comfort in that
i’m always doing this, i’m not up for that
don’t step on legos
get off my huevos, llegos

n!cky g is dead! i k!lled him
oh he’s gone
llegos, g bb
i swear to myself in the future

(llegos, forever, forever
welcome to the beginning of our endeavor
it’s nice to meet ya, here is a verbal form of a letter
d-mn this sh-t so clever, the kid so hype and…)

i swear ta, i swear, i swear to god
i swear to myself in the future
i never take a day off, who is ferris beuller?
i got a record on deck
ay, ay…for the record
this was 24 hours…i got a whole f-cking record on deck…

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