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24 hours – david tsion lyrics




back in the game
to leave you entertained
for 24hrs
i become your main
for 24hrs
the beat is getting slain
for less than one

you already know
i’m from the east
food for thought,is what got
so join the feast
i’m the future
to say the least
tearing my foes,to shreds
call me a beast

other rappers
yeah, they think they’re slick
say they’re the greatest
but man, thats just a trick
if they were wooden
there noeses would be thick
their just media puppets
in this animated flick

but back to me
the main event
lyrics in your mind
like unpaid rent
halo over my head
i’m god sent

to say the truth
i’m bullet proof
not a dent

your talk
it don’t phase me
i haven’t heard your new stuff
wake up from your day dream
i’m the best kept secret
grime’s jme

you rap for dre?
i rap for v
you rap for fame?
i rap for me
you rep west
i rep east
all i wanted was a stage
with l-o-g-i-c


bout to grow
watch me blow
with this killa flow
on the low
making dough
that how it go
n’ spitting
n’ getting
n’ winning
like its nada tho
you already know

i got this game
on lock
like your homie
in the cell block
layeth the smackdown
and they call me “the rock”
i switch it up
now i’m dwayne johnson
stacks are fat
like action bronson

no shots
like suburbia
you on the come up
boy, never heard of ya
chat gang life
these boys might murder ya
the next white slim
thats obserd-ia
usually my vibe is chill
like hypothermia
my verses are that heat
like i’m impervious
but on the low
i’m living quite luxurious


i ain’t a stain in the game
i was meant to be
like 2pac and nas
west and jay-z
the list goes on
but as long as you see
i’m best there is and soon to be
but if any othe rapper try to step up to me
it’s capital punishment
to the kid from dc

sour soul
ghostface killah
stabbing you in the back
like a ghost faced thrilla
boys always fighting
trying to see whose trilla
but my rhymes givem the flu
because lyrically, i’m illa

they nasty
all the time
they all soft
got no grind
catching hands
got no time
next big thing
wait in line

- all song lyrics by david tsion