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23 remix – omar garvey lyrics


[intro: omar garvey]
yeah, aye , ooh, aye, yeah
uh, oh, uh, bronx!, ooh, ohh, ohh noo!

[verse 1: omar garvey]
hold up wait a minute let me shake ’em up (yeah!)
they said i was quiet let me wake ’em up (wake, yeah!)
i been gettin’ to it only way is up (only way is up!)
we just gettin’ to it ain’t no waitin’ up (there ain’t waitin’ hoe!)
23 i’m michael jordan with the shot (boom!)
i came out of nowhere and i can’t be stopped (boom!)
23 i’m michael jordan with the shot (i’m with the shot!)
i was playin’ ’round and the sh-t was hot (facts!)
drop, drop drop it down (drop that sh-t)
i bet she gonn’ do that when i come around
(she gonn’ drop that sh-t)
i bet she like who that when i come around
(she like who that n-gg-)
who that skinny n-gg- with the biggest sound (me!)
oh yeah thats me, thats young og (ooh!)
buck fifty on the dash, then thats my speed (gone!)
name another this hot, and ima be taking his spot
yeah, they wanting me to cool off but
n-gg- you know i cannot (n-gg- you know it!)
link up link up (link!)
23 my shot (gone!)
you don’t gotta like me, but you will always watch (yeah!)
[outro: omar garvey]
fact! n-gg-! yo on everything i’m killin’ these n-gg-s man!
got me out here playin’ and sh-t! nah it’s time to turn up though! yeah! let you n-gg-s know man! omar garvey!

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