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212° – jasiri x lyrics


black bodies bein’ fed to the system
black american dead or in prison
luv for the murderer neva the victim
dead kids cant beg yo forgiveness
we are at war, whacya tellin’ me to be peaceful fo?
when they break the peace by firin’ the piece now the peace gets tore, i don’t give a f-ck about quik trip’s store
callin’ all gods its frauds in the pulpit
miss me with that get along bullsh-t
scared cuz ya master got a bullwhip
i’mma get a hollow point that’s a good tip!
we are not fo the oakie doke
mj’s doctor in a overcoat
see i’mma give em shots they overdose
street preachin’ till the block got the holy ghost
cut scene, got my enemy in the center of the beam
spin him till he lean
what do ya expect given what we’ve seen
i refuse to be next on that television screen
amin, i say what i mean
i am not cosigned by jimmy iovine
i will not go blind from the from the things i’ve seen
3rd eye and its on high beam
will these cops go to jail fo eric garner, john crawford, ezell ford
(i am michael brown resurrected to strike ya down)
see in ferguson they murdered him call the cops and the purge begins
bring tanks to heard em in & tear gas that burns the skin
40 cal 50 cal 60 cal guns
lights camera action now revered al comes
the riotin’ and lootin’ and they askin’ how come
all these dead black children y’all m-th-f-cka sound dumb
we’ve been shot to death choked out burned up smoked up
and they wonder why n-gg-s feel safer in the dope house
peaceful protestin’ man i seen it it was no doubt
then cops started firin’ and erry broke out
a sister got shot in the head she went to howard
where’s obama? where’s holder? the feds? who got the power?
man i swear i ain’t wanna go in i waitin’ hours
but these others rappers ain’t sayin’ sh-t most of em cowards
this no guns and all heart wakin’ inside a walmart
grabbin’ erry toy riffle and point ’em at them mall cops
like f-ck y’all you’re lucky this the only thing that touched off
i’m prayin’ fo the day that whole system get shut off
fo that look in eric garner’s eyes when he couldn’t breathe
fo the slugs in ezell ford’s back that caused him to bleed
fo renisha mcbride on that porch about to leave
i hope they beat ted wafer like his name was patsey
may god forgive me fo these words that i had to write
may my spirit be preserved in the after life
forgive me fo my sins an let my good deeds matter twice
if n-body is swingin’ back then godd-mn i have to fight

- all song lyrics by jasiri x