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2:12 am – nile ross lyrics


i been up for four or five days
working late in phoenix but i came up from the east side
i can go for four or five ways
working like an addict, it’s the only way to see mine
i been chasing all my dreams
how these other rappers tryna talk and feed that
went to hoe throwing and my seat back
with some bad hoes from the coast, oversee that
what they gonna say, what they gonna take
when you start getting noticed you notice the more you can make
yeah, i got choice so i’mma pay advance for a’to the town
with the cd as my lens, godd-mn, i’m the man
i ain’t gotta front
it’s funny how the brokest be the ones who try to stunt
it’s funny how the dopest be the ones to lay it down
but at the same time i’ll never be a middle for the ground, n-gg-
that’s how it is
when you living ym a n-gg- gotta do it big
man, i’m tryna win a gram’, f-ck is up with kids today?
all they do is instagram, i just wanna prove something
watch me’instagram, i just wanna show a glance
of a mind free without a crime rate
man, let’s quit with all the bullsh-t
after trayvon i thought it couldn’t escalate
but i guess we got it all twisted
like the stories you curve, running n-gg-, you curl
and i’m a dealer, you couldn’t handle a little
you pushed the man in the middle
you did so you gonna settle a minute
like where they stretching you
you never were inner circle, i swear to god i’ve been working
i sweat it’and everything i been dropping i did it under the current
but did it and kept me current, i did it and do it dirty
i dotted and realign it, the purpose of astrology, never put it aside of me
dedicated it got me
wanna change so a check won’t inspire me
no sleep so the rest wouldn’t mind me
godd-mn, i’m the man, it’s what i’m telling me
godd-mn, i’m the man
godd-mn, i’m the man

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