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21 merryton – ceeingee lyrics


yo, where ever you are, you can be who you wanna be if you put your mind to it
[verse 1]
i’ll take my life back to when i was just in my early teens and sh-t wasn’t all that good
back when i had a rough time bein’ a teenager with all the bullying i suffered in my neighbourhood
i lived in a close, it’s a flat but not an high one
it’s a 4 floor flat one
when i went out to the corner, to see my friend declan
he was my best friend, the one who i always hanged with
i always talked to him, had a laugh with him
he was like sean but i didn’t know where he stayed and we didn’t see each other since we left primary school
he went to other schools
i felt lost at that point, but anyway i had another good friend so it didn’t bother me when i met declan
he showed me the ways, he was the best friend i could ever dream of
i’ve had backstabbers, i ain’t gonna lie
i just wanted most of them to die
right on back, let’s look back to 21 merryton
the flashback of the years ago at 21 merryton
[verse 2]
it was the first place i lived in for a long time
i remember my memories as a kid in the street like it was just yesterday and today i still go there but it’s not as good as it was when i moved there with my mother and father
if my bedroom window wasn’t smashed by a bully i would’ve stayed there and not moved out til i found a girl and get my own house
sometimes i wonder what life is gonna be like in the near future, will i still rap?
i think i might still be rappin’, cause retiring is not on my book yet so i’mma write a new chapter every year that comes
countin’ the years up like sums
havin’ a best friend like declan was the best thing i had
he’s still my best friend, origan too
origan on the other hand is a super best friend because he’s the producer that produces my sh-t when i rap it
make it light up like a light on a cup and make this world an hip-hop world and make the rap community raise up their hands and shout out my name when i reach the top game in the rap scene, as i’ve been the best underground rapper from glesga
right on back, let’s look back to 21 merryton
the flashback of the years ago at 21 merryton
[verse 3]
the days fly in fast, lookin’ back at when my bully around the corner from the street became friends with me
he’s still my friend too til this day, he still lives there i think
the last time i spoke to him, he said he stills lives there
he’s been there longer than me then
he became my friend just weeks before i moved out the street
i missed him and my other friends too when i moved out
i never thought of bein’ a rapper back then, i guess music wasn’t really my thing
i guess i was just too childish at times and wasn’t ready to grow up
i’ve wondered why i got bullied all the years
a girl nicknamed blondie would hit me til i cried and also she would steal all my toys in the garden, my mum and dad saw it and tried to solve it but she still did it til she moved out and didn’t see me no more til i b-mped into her and she slapped my face
makin’ me feel that pain again i felt all those years
i guess if i see her again, she’ll be the one in tears
right on back, let’s look back to 21 merryton
the flashback of the years ago at 21 merryton

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