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2055 freestyle (prod. mr•car/\\ack) – denzel curry lyrics


[verse 1: denzel curry]

red eye
red beams so it seems that a brother gotta terminate
seen out the streets so [?]
stay high as a [?] murder rate
[?] but it’s too late for life
early for wrong but it’s too late for right
side of my mind, might blow up my mind
left in a box that was [?]
capital lies, i do not have [?]
i cannot die, [?]
way before had designer had his madonna in the sauna
when that glock burst you a goner
we are the future jon connor
[?].. situations getting sticky
smoked out, with the fam
f-ck the prince cus we’re not related
the most heard, or the most hated
i’m the only motherucker that [?] hatred
i’m a demon to you f-ckboys cus even the devil was god’s creation

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