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2017 – jzac lyrics


its the year of the year… my year

smooth sailing while we moving the ship
you uptight baby won’t you loosen your grip
part time job got you losing your sh-t
and all the family drama from the usual sh-t
front page back stage is what the press p-ss for
you don’t like my lyrics you can press fast forward
ayo it’s crazy artists like a jay-z raised me
you ain’t study greats that’s why yo sh-t sound lazy
i’m the best man running man see the next man coming wolverine swinging like an x-man coming
this is peter parker be the man, tryna make them see the plan
i ain’t got a tour bus i still be taking peter pans
lot up on my plate too, i know the sp-ce is limited i’m talking to the legends like yo make room
wasn’t very long ago this was all a fantasy
i was writing xvii’s (16’s) you were probably fast – asleep

i learn to put it in the past tense
excuse my absence lately i’ve been past tense
little sh-t, really had me stressing a lot
i had to slow down and realize the blessings i got
i watched my homie go to prison, that i’ve known since i was seven off some bullsh-t that ain’t even true
really now i can’t stop thinking how everything is different and that sh-t can really happen to you … so even tho i’m fed up. i’m proud the way you always kept your head up
they want to see us fail it’s like a set up
every single morning that i get up i just keep it in mind
i’ve been building one piece at time

every morning that i get up i just keep it in mind
i’ve been building one piece at a time

coming from a little town
i’m producing major [stars ?] im coming for the triple crown
king with it i’m doing my thing with it
struggle rappers try but barely can hang with it
why you hawking on my timeline, i’m fine
that’s the equivalent of sitting on the sidelines
f-ck it tho, ima get my cake up cake up, girlys tryna impress with they makeup makeup
she really compensating for them a-cup a-cups, but i ain’t really judging baby
the world is crazy as ever but i’m embracing
i treat the future like building blocks i’m shaping it just to be the face of it
i’m bout to go and trade the mazda for a sp-cious whip
black or silver like the colors of the raiders is
i’m out in no mans land you don’t know man
got the ball rolling like snow man, oh man

thank you for your patience the break over id like to welcome y’all to the take over

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