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2016 year in review – bekay lyrics


yo yo, twenty sixteen year in review
shouts to jersey joker
horror flick entertainment

y’all to p.c. in 2016 the truth could hurt
listen, the only decision made in voting booths? who was worse
so f-ck, sh-t, a–holes, all i do is curse
i think this might have been the worst in this history of the universe
this year crazy, no actual balance
and you? just a f-cking stiff, no mannequin challenge
isis a crisis, no one do the right job
so we might as well call in the new suicide squad
speaking of that, i got hard from harley
i mean. i really just wanna f-ck the sh-t out of margo robbie
these new rappers be some p.c. b-tches
i mean they all my little sonnies like pc richard (mayyyn)
the cash flow’ll bring ya minions
cause the media showed they were really just a–holes with opinions
saying you’ll never be citizens, treasure your fingerprints
or go all out like american immigrants (lies)
college campuses hiring crazy teachers
brad pitt’s face ain’t aged a day since ’98 in sleepers
the little teenies are sad
cause there’s no more mr.and mrs. smith, the end of angelina and brad
nut-jobs on the right and left are kinda big
marco rubio was on stage sweating like a pig
trump even dissed mccain, what’s wrong with this b-st-rd
he said “i like war heroes but only those who weren’t captured”
hillary got hacked, it wasn’t fair, pain felt
that truth hurt, not talking bout a singer that dre shelved
you wanna get exposure? as long as you don’t fear’em
have wiki leak your singles and the whole world’ll hear ‘em
@therealbekay tweet, try and follow me
at least lisi remini is now exposing scientology
i wanna kick tom cruise in the nuts with spiked wallabees
he’s either sick or stupid, not probably, gotta be
i think it’s established, kim was embarr-ssed
got robbed by some real -ss ni–az in paris
not jay on a track with kanye singing all average
the doc said he r-t-rded, she probably rethinking her marriage, like
lean rappers need to get suspended
ya’ll rap slow and weird, like handicapped dudes prepping presents
i mean ya’ll sound fishy like gargling with trout
or chewing on 50 rocks, with marbles in ya mouth
pokemon got kids out the house and needed to
plus it’s hard to poke ya moms, when the kid’s trying to pikachu
powerball hit 1.5 billion thanks to us
if i would have won that sh-t, i’d cop myself a new pancreas
speaking of that, no docs got me on the right track
i’m in pain every day, just gimme some form of my life back
your lyrics? bad ones actually
your joint wouldn’t blow up if you played it on a samsung galaxy
‘bolic ripped kweli then talib blocked me on twitter
got all antisemitic like a n-z- with hitler
that’s the facts fam some thought it was wack
but ben afleck was the new batman and that plan?
was aight but could have been harder son
i just think the dc comics ain’t as good as the marvel ones
the movies that is, they planned it through
so i thank billy bob for giving me bad santa 2
the best, i ain’t tryin’ to preach a sermon
i mean, i’m just we got to see another version of thurman merman
never switch my st–z, me and the mic thick as thieves
troy ave just got shot on christmas eve
it moved out made an exit, sh-t i even know juice heads
they could probably dead lift brexit
and f-ck these radicals on the left and right
we got innocent black men getting shot left and right
and then the cops also getting shot left and right
a lot of wrong, the only thing to do left is write
you feel alone, while your girl follows me
while china’s stealing drones, f-cking up the world economy
the sun and moon, soon we won’t see ’em
they should have castrated castro so he’d have no son to succeed ‘em
when you get to college now? your needing a lot
either in a meeting about date rape, or reading about safe sp-ce
conor mcgregor thinking he way better than mayweather
rocking a g-y sweater and draped in the same leather
that eddie murphy rocked in raw for the f-ck of it
while putin’s bare chested on a horse laughin’ at our government
straight c-nty, what they’re saying about our country
gucci proposed court side, but forgot to get on one knee
is it ’89? cause de la dropped with crazy rhymes
tribe came back and it felt like we changed the times
rest in peace phife, that was crazy tough
we also lost america’s favorite mom from the brady bunch
even royalty like a prince could hurt for days
and the tears flowed enough to fill the sky with purple rain
pacman’s views out this world like jupiter you cannibal
way feeble, said g-y people, were stupider than animals
i want that douche dead
i’ll stab you with the same needles that gave you them f-ckin’ muscles you juice head
i salute b-hop, but thats’s a strange way to go out
the ring, literally, if you don’t get it, then check the whole bout
these punks, i viciously rip’em b
pu–y award this year goes to canelo for still ducking triple g
cavs won the nba but never were hyper
the steph curry, better shot than the american sniper
stole the show not taking like a burglar
all i need is 16, i’ll show you the making of a murderer
colin kaepernick respect you going for expression
but c’mon man you probably should have voted the election
the cubbies finally won, confused like a rubix cube
cause the writers predicted it in ‘back to the future 2’
uber’s everywhere yellow cabs are blocked away
you know the climate’s bad when sharks is washing up in rockaway
ted cruz face looks like something you wanna punch
it looks like he chewed on a porcupines a–hole for lunch
tim cook wouldn’t unlock an i phone to track terrorists…backwards
guess that’s the one time he won’t take a bite of the apple
jay z got caught cheating it leaked the f-ck out
that gorilla got shot and people freaked the f-ck out
the new lox alb-m was dope, together they all insane
2pac got inducted to the rock n roll hall of fame
look, i know we’ve been stressed
and i ain’t vote for ‘em, but i love this country so i’m a hope for the best
we had ups and downs of all cycles
but we gotta have a little faith a faith like george michael
the year in review, this is the year in review

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