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2016 mtv vma white carpet interview/freestyle – desiigner lyrics


lizzo: hey everyone! look who just arrived here on the vma white carpet!
desiigner: grrrraaaaaaah!!! git, git, git!
lizzo: desiigner!
desiigner: ayy, ayy, ayy! what it is? what it is, vma? you know what time it is, we in the building, ayy, ayy, ayy!
lizzo: do i even have to ask you questions? you got so much vibe, so much energy
desiigner: man you feel me, you know, hype, man. just tryna chill out, tryna spread out the suit and all that, you heard? tryna be chill on it, ayy, ayy
lizzo: i love the suit, it’s like a salmon color
desiigner: feel me? a little smooth, a little margiela, you know how i do, margiela
lizzo: when are you dropping “salmon, salmon, salmon, salmon,” the remix, about your suit?
desiigner: ayy, ayy, real suit on ’em! grrrrraaaaahhh!! git, git!
lizzo: laughs i like this, ayy let’s wrap it up with a little freestyle, okay? i’ma get the beat with you

i’m on, i’m gettin’ it
tell ray i get it
ayy mumbling
lizzo: yo i ain’t gonna give too much away cause tonight’s gon’ be crazy. thank you, desiigner!
desiigner: yo mark, what it is, baby? ayy, ayy!
lizzo: this big event is coming up with performances by britney, beyoncé, nick jonas, future, ariana! don’t go away, the vma pre-show will be right back after this
desiigner: git, git, git! grrrrrraaah!!

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