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2016 mashup – michael constantino lyrics


[lukas graham – 7 years]
once i was 7 years old
my daddy told me
“go get yourself some friends, or you’ll be lonely”
once i was 7 years old, i

[the chainsmokers – don’t let me down ft. daya]
crashing, hit a wall
right now i need a miracle
hurry up now, i need a miracle

[shawn mendes – treat you better]
i know i can treat you better
than he can
any girl like you deserves a

[sia – cheap thrills]
baby, i don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight
i know i don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight

[zayn – pillowtalk]
i’m seeing the pain, i’m seeing the pleasure
n-body but you, ‘body but me, ‘body but us
bodies together
i love to hold you close, tonight, and always
i love to wake up next to you

[fifth harmony – work from home ft. ty dolla $ign]
and we can work from home, oh, oh
we can work from home, oh, oh

[rihanna – work ft. drake]
work, work, work, work, work, work
he said me have to
work, work, work, work, work, work
he see me do me
dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt
so i put in
work, work, work, work, work, work

[justin timberlake – can’t stop the feeling!]
i got this feeling inside my bones
it goes electric, wavy when i turn it on

[major lazer – cold water ft. justin bieber & mø]
and if you feel you’re sinking
i will jump right over
into cold, cold water for you

[mike posner – i took a pill in ibiza (seeb remix)]
i took a pill in ibiza
to show avicii i was cool
and when i finally got sober, felt 10 years older
man, but screw it, it was something to do
i’m living out in l.a
i drive a sports car just to prove
that i’m a real big baller, ’cause i made a million dollars
and i spend it all on girl, and shoes

[dj snake – let me love you ft. justin bieber]
but don’t you give up, nah, nah, nah
i won’t give up, nah, nah, nah
let me love you, let me love you

[gnash – i hate u, i love u ft. olivia o’brien]
i hate you, i love you
i hate that i love you
i want to, but i can’t put
n-body else above you

[drake – one dance ft. wizkid & kyla]
that’s why i need a one dance
got a hennessy in my hand
one more time ‘fore i go
higher powers taking a hold on me

[twenty one pilots – stressed out]
wish we could turn back time
to the good, old days
when my mama sang us to sleep
but now, we’re stressed out

[g-eazy – me, myself & i ft. bebe rexha]
ooh, it’s just me, myself and i
solo ride until i die
’cause i got me for life

[hailee steinfeld & grey – starving ft. zedd]
i didn’t know that i was starving ’till i tasted you
don’t need no b-tterflies when you give me the whole d-mn zoo

[the weeknd – starboy ft. daft punk]
i’m tryna’ put you in the worst mood, ah
p1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah
milli point two just to hurt you, ah
all red lamb’ just to tease you, ah
house so empty, need a centerpiece
twenty racks, a table cut from ebony
cut that ivory into skinny pieces
then she clean it with her face ’cause i love my baby
look what you done

[maroon 5 – don’t wanna know ft. kendrick lamar]
i don’t wanna know, know, know, know
who’s taking you home, home, home, home
i’m loving you so, so, so, so
the way i used to love you, no

[the chainsmokers – closer ft. halsey]
so, baby, pull me closer
in the back seat of your rover
that i know you can’t afford
bite that tattoo on your shoulder

- all song lyrics by michael constantino