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2016 – adam lyrics


my lows are lower than my bmi
because i just feel like no one can relate
there’s a girl i really wanna date
i blew that chance might not even make it to a date
28th, june, birthday, in the worst way, no one contacts
only thing i have is a disease that i contract
not physically but mentally from my father
my mother cares but i feel like its better if she don’t bother
my girl is great why do i want another?
nothing can satisfy me except maybe if i had a daughter
never wore protection always said its cause i can’t c-m
but the truth is it wasn’t cause my d-cks numb
its because i thought a kid would give me freedom
from this mind that i’m trapped in
responsibility might turn me to a humin
but ill forever be this way, bmi going south
i wanna move to colder place

instrumental break

weigh about 110, 50kg if you in metric
no longer have a crew that i can rep with
rip to norman you meant a lot to me and rip to josh
at least you both finally free
sometimes i wanna join you both, but i’m scared
but if i keep losing weight ill be there sooner than later
or in icu eating fluids from a tube with a ventilator
its not an eating disorder but a disorder of my eating
and writing this is kinda therapeutic
if my girl saw this it’d be life ruining
knowing that i want to date another girl
but before we were together jess was above it all
and you knew that
f-ck it, screw that
she was just a girl i had a crush on
you stuck with me even through this rough storm
would jess do that? i dunno, i doubt it
so why the f-ck do i spend every day thinking about it

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