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2014 xxl freshmen freestyle – troy ave lyrics


every re-up, i’m building, another level up
wanna live life as a pilgrim, i’m not a settler
shipments full of birds, to my hood i’m columbus
with cristal, chris wallace, and chris dudus
gangsta rap, ceramic pack, you pay me i dap
you play me i clap, i’m just statin’ the facts
i wanna be a millionaire so freakin’ bad
half way off crack, really did it the most
never did it to boast, sittin’ amongst the gross
pitchin’ and gettin’ toast
countin’ and makin’ jokes, about hatin’ n-gg-s that’s broke
i would kill ’em but me makin’ a killin’s killin’ ’em slow
dat! new car like a shot to the head. pop!
my new b-tch like a push off the ledge
new songs, flex bombs, n-gg-s fed
when i do this million dollar deal n-gg-s gon’ be dead!
i’m livin’ takin’ pictures with the kool aid smile
a flashy dope dealer, yeah you know my style
had no hope n-gg-, i came up real wild
most of my friends are killers, some of them blew trial
see you in fifteen with good behavior
i don’t make it doin’ rap, i’mma be yo neighbor
fo’ now i be that n-gg-, new york savior
save your breath debaters and bet your wages, powder!

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