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2014 xxl freshman freestyle – rich homie quan lyrics


my flow hard to bite for all you stale eaters
and i’m still smart as h-ll like a yale teacher
pneumonia, i’m hot-headed, rare fever
foul call, no foul ball, play fair, people
i tell bone that i’m a young n-gg-, worth some car lots
two cellphones and a pistol, i call shots
i’m tripping, money shoestrings stacking tall knots
i’m living, doing new things i never thought about
no sick days on my job description, no calling off
my ho gone, i’m home alone, macaulay culkin
how could i know, she ready to go?
house full of hoes, reality show
she sat in the ghost, no casper, it’ll go faster than it appear
and that’s a phantom, not a real ghost so don’t fear
and them double letters on the rolls royce
and i’m ronald reagan in that building, b-tch
real recognize real, well i know richie rich
i got dutch masters for the kush smokers
hold the reggie for the bush toters
“f-ck blacks,” what bush told us, f-ck that, we took over
i bust back like a foot soldier, give you good gas like a shook soda
bulldozer, he cook cola, no haircut, give you the part
-sshole, but i’ll do the bart, margie’s not cool with her
lisa mad i’m on simpson, for real, and homer say he through with her
molly make your heart beat fast, i bought me a house across from mia’s house
and maggie in the backseat laughing, calling me daddy
i ain’t your papi, i’m pimpin’ out of three cars
speaking of the simpsons, i ain’t even mention free bars

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