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2011 bet cypher – eminem lyrics


put this in a box and i send ’em away
put this ‘and pop the ‘
‘to a ‘check ‘hard to get a brake ‘

when i pull up the page
‘i can’t relate cuz i live in the ‘
‘.i take ’em to school, i give ’em the grave
and easy way for effort ‘
‘white with an att-tude’will be on my’
‘that stick it on me
all i got it’s’
i can’t live in that way
all i got it’s’
i can’t end either way

‘so i live and make my own way ‘
all they see it’s the clouds
and i watch to the clouds and ‘
‘i just feed ’em a cow
being the ‘boy’
but before you pick a ‘.you rather pick a ‘
‘can’t pick up and ‘to pick fight and ‘
‘with a speed of’
but release my case for ‘
i might this for ‘

i need the ‘to give me ‘

i’m ’bout to get away
say, i’m from the new school ‘
i’mma say watch your ‘what you mouth
teaching how to doggy ‘
don’t wanna drop it down ‘
‘.gave me up’
‘being hip hop force and ‘
the radio and ‘
‘ watch your mouth

‘gave me out ‘
i just perfected to the’
no blame you all for be the ‘
i aint watch the ‘sabotage it ‘
you see that for the ‘
‘from a distance ‘.and all the ‘
you’re super’gotta figure here and’
if you won’t choose
‘left from me i provide ‘
i will took the whine out of ‘
enough …from the ‘
it’s not bad ‘couldn’t teach from the
but i got this sh-t from out town and ‘
both pair ..but she come fro money’
this my brain its high from the ‘
and now she doubd ‘to’
so bad i make ’em tell the …from the ‘
‘in the holiday …work that for me
that’s way the haters every time they want to semd me ‘
i made that right before i ‘.just like the ‘
is it me or is what i ‘in this ‘
‘the same not a stereo typical
my skin tick so the ‘
‘unafraid to die you think i did it before
the boy grab me with the trash ‘
magical ‘with a black ‘
put it ‘with a ‘
‘.be found in one of my ‘.door

..probably be ‘came here and ‘more
i know hip hop and ‘as well
hope you die ‘you other won’t survive as well
make that face at him dog
get ’em
that’s way a victim a ‘
‘.i gotta give ’em ‘
‘.and compositions ‘
‘somebody mention they got a’
‘.we probably different they got a ‘
opposition out body quicking and ‘
i’m on the mission to get rich and ‘
..gte this mission and ‘liquor
…like a sick and notorious ‘
get the big picture the poster ‘

ust like the’s cost to our ‘
it’s over control to my own ‘
…like i’m suppose to froze and
‘close it’s freezing
‘.believe me
‘so most of hope it’s ‘
rappers need to keep it real’give me that ‘
‘.to many people here ‘

…people eating on my ‘
and you all i even real ‘you about to die and ‘
but before you die you should do the jail at leat a while
for real
i ain’t the rap dude, i’m a dude how rap
i was moving ‘
‘when i ‘.i solute in death
but if i bling i ‘the snack

whit your foolish rap
…don’t mean your -ss shut ..
don’t mean you booty cl-ss’
don’t play like dollar ‘it’s the ‘
‘a painful brown
it’s hard and heavy
when you come and see ‘
‘.in the studio’me and ‘
with a mean lean ‘
probably ‘getting what’

we’re the dream team
this is an old day ‘
‘for us to brake like beyoce ‘
to phone calls doing all that ‘
i gotta know what i need a’
i’m portorican old teams ‘

try to put me out and try to’
i’m doing’dope and we can make this ‘
‘on the door ..that ‘on suicide ‘
hy rihana its n-gg- ‘.
‘let me know so i can buy ‘and ‘
hy riaana i don’t need to know you better
you tell me you love my music and again we go together ‘
by rihana now back to our fools’
‘.like the outside of the ‘
‘thousand dollars ..i prefer to see the world through
don’t ask me nothing, my girl to..
you ask me way ‘
how do i keep ‘.i keep one ‘
‘around the world ‘that’s ‘
rappers on your daddy i tell you ‘
you don’t kill but you’re father kill like ‘
i tell you like i tell my spanish ‘
you ly but i ain’t going down
to get you ‘like d-mn and ‘
have o run like they will’
‘the greatest rapper ‘
smack a girl on a real’by some ‘
bring every ‘.grab about the ‘
‘like jessica ‘.
via skype’
i’m on my deep boy , deep boy ‘
‘.like ‘
get up the camera what you be ‘
recording the market like you all’
yeah this one go to million ‘
‘go look like we all going somewhere
so n-gg-
when can i bust
lyrical miracle, spiritual, ‘
subliminal’.swimming ‘
drop it
you bout this ‘you will be never ‘restore’
when i least this beat restore ‘.
wanna stop it you gonna need a ‘
‘three richie boy’
and please be bad and ‘
all the ‘water p-ss about the ‘
need a ‘in a ‘you see this wh-r-s ?
and that;s for me he ask if i’m gone ‘
this beat look worm
and that chick for a new ‘
that baby inside a freaky ‘
‘.smile and a ‘
and’.will groove on ‘
don’t you got tape and ‘
‘tell joe i need this empty boxes’
so i can put this babies in a ‘
to keep the p-n-s ‘
yeah, big deal’.i took one ‘little kids from ‘

you try to bite me a ‘
do this with a six …then i’
is i dusk or ‘to kick up’
in yellow ’bout to kick up

when it’s stick sh-t and is’
when you are ‘
that’s from the ‘when i act on ‘with ‘
‘to king and his microphone ‘
‘like a phone book
‘.to kiss me more power ‘

eat ‘and take me to your ‘
fresh out of the idle hospitals ‘
‘with the middle finger
while i had the ‘
be like ‘.
‘you crazy me pushing the ‘
that door its imosible,’
‘it’s call like a prost-tute
with a huge ‘and a monstrous tube ‘
and o broght some boots and ‘
‘swallow in a ‘
so kill the aint happening
i’m rap til i bust a few

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