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2010 – khleo lyrics

musically inclined
but everytime i tried
i was pushed to the side
and always was declined

i did it on my own
didn’t pick up the phone
just protools and my mic
and my mind in the zone

i let these words flow so freely
like a river
my flow so cold
like alaska in december

as i sipped on monsters
i let the beats play
thinking of my plans in advance
like a chess game

i could see my future coming
like a truck with it’s high beams
2010’s best new artist is what i’m claiming
got the skills and the mindstate to do something

got these boys so winded
i’m running at my own pace
i’m up lift the spirts
my lyrics, they feel it

descrition to the t
my visions been depicted
they understand now
people start to listen

they all biting my hooks
like i’m out here fishing
i swear man, this business
can change you in an instant

chew you up and spit you out
if you not consistent
i stay with my humble routes
didn’t change for anyone

they screamin (ey! ) at my punchlines
like they canadian
hit em from the blindside
they never saw me coming

music done with you
you’re officially redundant
it’s time for a new cl-ss of heroes to emerge
and if they hate the facts

that sh-t is for the birds
i’m flyer than the birds
chillen on the atmosphere
i’m not scared to lose

failure doesn’t equal fear
you’ll never know unless you try
it’s been one h-ll of a ride
some turn they back

while others stay by my side
now they doubt to see
exactly what i can do
i got these girls hoppin down under

like a kangaroo
i’m winning cause i’m so close to the finish line
i’m good at what i do
and this ain’t even at my prime

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