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2:00am – lux la fuego lyrics


yeah it’s 2 am who you texting
yeah i bagged 2 dimes i’m in heaven
yeah it’s 2 am where you going
please don’t go outside, where it’s snowing

know i want you. know i need you
no one knows your soul babe like i do

still jus a jit i’m flexing
all of this pain taught me lessons
ain’t n-body really got me
ain’t a b-tch really want me
i been working can’t sleep
finessing and jugging i’m k!lling these beats
sinners all the way from the south side, made it out to dt
2 am and i’m writing
all of these demons i’m fighting
plotting on taking the world, scheming, dming this girl
she all on phone, she said she alone
baby girl i’m still there too
2 am working for you, 2 am working for love, 2 am know you the one

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