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2001: a blake odyssey – maclin lyrics


[act 1]

yesterday for me was rough
before work i knew i would cut
for a concert i shouldn’t attend
but why not attempt-
tation had me bugging before my shift begun
i almost made it to the end
but then i dearly departed
and now i’m walking the parking lot
my car is gone oh where’d i park it
“i’m sorry sir we had to tow your you can get it tomorrow”
well sh-t i don’t have time for sorrow
so i had my uber pick me up on 22
a million miles an hour to the show yeah we flew
for 45 minutes heard the tunes
and as the show ended i knew what i had to do
“excuse me mr. vernon”
excuse me to the crew
“i’m sorry to do this but i have some words for you”
so i spoke bridges and like a figment or sliver of something bigger
i took a breath and found my center
and then i took a picture
cuz f-ck it i’m a fan
to be honest i didn’t think i’d make it this far in my plan
thank you for your support, your music
and being an even better man
through your organized chaos 3 angels fell directly into my hand
and then they drove me home
i spoke the same poem
and now then know
but now i walk alone
still in awe
i had to take it slow
i got a beer in a bar and wouldn’t you know
on the wall was a poster of murphy’s law

[act 2]

grandfather clock is ticking on the wall
one false step and i fear i might fall
people the building can you hear my call:

“h-llo murphy co.”
“hey, it’s mac i was wondering if you guys want to come outside for a little bit?”

my karma’s coming very heavy and
if it’s gonna flood you catch me jumping off the levy
i’m a head above the cut
and i can see it all clearly
i know i tend to mumble can you hear me?
there’s no need for anyone to ever fear or revere me
just know that i’m here endearing
i’m patient with the law while i’m waiting for my hearing
i never sold my soul and had the jury all cheering
for me
as i’m climbing up the aisles
but a step at a time and i made it to a mile
in the sun – round shades – i don’t fake it when i smile
cuz i know i’ll be a great it just might take a little while

[act 3]

i’m from a place where the stories are real
men were apes and they ate what they k!lled
before the cave and the faith were revealed
never had to really say how i feel
but now i gotta
preaching to the opera
why’d i try to tame god for a dollar?
a million came before me but we’re all stuck in the same collar
i’ve been pacified by my cattle mind
in my new life i’ll leave that behind
and this fire in my chest is that alive
until they try to get my pasteurized
in a glamorized fashion
thought scares me more than action
can’t cross me out i’m expansive
and there’s more than luck in my chances
i’m way past exploring planets (yeah)
see myself as old and young as i’m p-ssing (yeah)
between sp-ce and time is where i’ve been standing
we’re coming in hot so prepare yourself for landing


cabin crew prepare for landing

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