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2000 rapdope game – kingpin skinny pimp lyrics


f/ koopsta knicca

rtist: kingpin skinny pimp f/ koopsta knicca

alb-m:2000 rapdope game

song: 2000 rapdope game

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you’re voted 48 hours to respond

your time is up

you’ll have to close your business today

you know where i stand

juicy j and dj paul

[kingpin skinny pimp]

time for me to run and grab my guns and blast -ss-ssin

without no doubt i’m comin with ?

hit ya like hurrican george in the carribean

i’m all about my f-ckin gr-ss when i’m makin decisions

anybody throwin sneaky faces i’ma smile at

anybody throwin fake smiles i’ma growl at

comin like the ready leaders when i frown at ya mug

automatic raid is bug treatment for you bugs

thinkin about my meal like the cbs marketw-tch

new york times and houston chronicles

watch how quick we hit the top

commercial appeal and l.a. times

i’m throwin triple six down

watchin for them bone thugs when i’m drillin they hometown

i was kickin in cleveland

in the last winter season

even when i was in maryland i left that b-tch breedin

crips,bloods,folks,lords i’m claimin give me some

if you split somebody doing business then we makin some


48 hours overtime or so for the cowards

run up we run up

the haters they hate us

know they can’t fade us

runnin with the majors

gut-like razors

i’m f-ckin with the real uncut

2000 toke game n-gg-s like what

this is for the dope boys and the dope girls

all around the world

turn it on up


[koopsta knicca]

the time is start tickin and in fear they drop they bud

don’t need to duck, dodge, and run

cuz i’m on ya like a sud, b-tch

f-ck that stealin from me man is gon be fatal

when i point these pistols i buck ya like a third grader

play no games with ya boy

pay up or get destroyed

run up on ya boys

kill your daughter, son, and they toys

abort the mission

h-ll nah, i ain’t bullsh-ttin

koop gon let the nine get ya

rip you, kick you punk, and flip you

then get the handle c-cked pull it back but first

i’ll ? the dead stab yo mom in the p-ssy blow gushy gushy gushy

[kingpin skinny pimp]

i’m livin that wildlife sayin that f-ckin eye for an eye

every second counts

if you blink you can die (too late)

would you kill for your freedom in society

or would you let a c-cksucker put you beneath that concrete

science of the unsolved mysteries

i’m tellin ya

this sh-t is finna (gonna) get drastic

we watchin for -ss-ssins

har-ssin and blastin

closed casket, what

we trashin

then we mashin

in the ’72 impala chevy

tearin up the block like it’s a lexus

fatigues on my face

i bet you ain’t know who i be

aka the bodysn-tcher

blood stainin my enemies

don’t be the first to get taken to get baptised

in the bl–dy bound bombsquad -n-lyze

recognize we be packin out the house n-gg-

m.a.f. cracked at top

so bring it n-gg-

you want war?

you got war

what you waitin for?

hit me up

n-gg-, show me what you dying for


you’re voted 48 hours to respond

your time is up

we’ll have to close your business today

you know where i stand

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