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2000 – grand puba lyrics


yeah, bleep bleep bleep
hey yo this is how we gonna hit it off…


so drop the kronkite n-gg- (2000)
check out how we flip sh-t for (2000)
stud doogie runnin’ sh-t for (2000)
grand puba flippin’ sh-t for (2000)

here comes the brotha from the future
man, i got what suits ya
fake mc’s go away and let your label prost-tute ya
give me my sp-ce and let the swinger swing
n-gg- don’t you know that jane can’t even stop this crazy thang
i like to boast cause i’m the host with the most
bag a few honeys and i’m… (sp-ce ghost!!!)
i got n-gg-s head-bobbin’ with no problem
i kick 31 flavors so call me basket robbins, uhh
i gets down cause i travel like sound
grand puba’s so fast they got my picture on a greyhound
here goes the tizm, get ya lifted like izm
if these devils ain’t got my money then i got some off the prison
so honey here’s more than a rent
for dollars and sense, see i leave sh-t bent
so don’t even come with that 69, hon
cause i told ya last time, 68 and i owe ya one
back up and let puba do his thing,
cause a n-gg- wanna krib like eddie murphy had a boomerang
so b-tt n-gg-s get the steppin’
i gets to the root like beer
lyrics flow like an automatic weapon
you can’t see this or much greater,
rough like terminator, sendin’ n-gg-s down like elevators
so like beavis and b-tthead…(he he he he)
go away like 94, we drop the kronkite n-gg-


no shame in the game i puts the pedal to the metal
be a father to my son, ask the bulldogs and pedal (? )
puba gots that sh-t that hits in every ghetto
straight from new york, l.a. to ____
honey, there’s no need to hunt
whatever you want, just make sure when you come you bring a blunt
this is for the year 2-circle-circle-circle
n-gg-s lookin’ stupid like their spotted and they urkel
did i say that?
doogie hits the scratch
n-gg-s can’t match, baggin’ bootys by the batch
that’s how we do at a theatre near you
do the show, bag the doe and disappear like the zoo
then i hit home, to rest my dome
unplug the phone and put a joint on the bone
i kick the style longtime ya know
n-gg-s can’t see this, so you know how that sh-t goes
n-gg- it’s gonna take a miracle
call me a cab so i can ___ away and catch your hi-di-hi-di-ho
f-ck that, my style’s all that and a bag of snacks
ran through jersey and the p-ssycat
i’m the scooby with the doo
i like my philly with the brew
all y’all n-gg-s talkin’ sh-t about puba, f-ck you…
ya know what you can do?
you can lick the twins when i pull ’em outta skins
and i put ’em in your face, you can tell me how it tastes
cause it’s the kronkite, n-gg-


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