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200 years of fury – gjallarhorn metal lyrics


europe shakes at the dawn of wolf time
winter has come, englishmen kneel
hide by the shadows, four norse men will strike…

battle will come, blood by the sword
two hundred black long ships cast death
rowing fiercely southwards…

bold in their armours, vikings there roared
“alone will stand what steel bites not”
a glimpse of an eye, lindisfarne fell down…

thousand heroes roared by the burg
banging swords with shields down rocky moats
countrymen were slain, shrieking women raped
bloodied axes h-t pillars, looming siege over paris…

like waves on a sh-r-, hordes bent france the old
king moaned by their throne and the rocks resounded
of steel meeting flesh… as mead was brewed in the east
already wolves were crowding the gentle flows of the thames

at the break of dawn they came and the legends goes on
englishmen they laughed over hairy hunnish steeds
stronger was loki’s grin by the nors-m-n side
ropes over poles pulling and the london bridge is falling down…

years p-ssing by the sharpening the heads of the spear
nations were created by the glory of snowy danewirk
rowing onwards tearing western worlds apart
till each men knew fear of two hundred years of fury

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