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2 moons – thouxanbanfauni lyrics


always on my own blowing strong in my f-cking zone
bad b-tch that i treat right, but all i know is wrong
threw them 26’s on the wheels ice road truckers
shawty a milf i guess that makes me a motherf-cker
all the good girls taken boy dont get yo b-tch taken
cinematic movie life i ain’t motherf-cking faking
driving drunk as f-ck with no license and i’m on probation
went on vacation with a bad b-tch in my penthouse is haitian
my new girl is rude as f-ck, but she polite to my mother
she use birth control, but still make me use a rubber
got a side piece, and i know she thinks that i’m her lover
n-gg-s want narcotics, and they look like narcs undercover
i’m cool with being underground but i need mainstream bands
and i ain’t greedy for no million i’m thouxanbands
cap$ules , in high school i used molly and xans
sold that sh-t in the jail cell the booth contraband
got a band for myself we thought we was rich fam
b-tch i need a f-cking ounce im not satisfied with a gram
and yo b-tch wet as f-ck in her squirting pants
im gon’ make it rain and she do the rain dance

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